Your Love Language, According To Your Zodiac

With a sign symbolized by the ram, people born in Aries tend to be bold go-getters who aren't afraid to go after what they want. They love attention, in particular compliments.


If are there are two words that best describe Leo, they would be "brave" and "generous." The most creative of the star signs, Leo loves exuberance and risk-taking.


The most adventurous of the zodiac signs, Sagittarius has a flighty nature, which can make them difficult to pin down at first


The social chameleon of the zodiac, everyone loves being around Gemini. Our Gemini friends are charming, chatty, and know how to work any room.


Just like their Gemini friends, Libras tend to be popular. People flock to them for comfort or entertainment, and in fact Libras are at their best when in relationships.


Aquarius is arguably the most unusual of the star signs. Aquarians are rebellious and stubborn, but also kind and empathetic and generally have a humanitarian heart.


A very nurturing and sensitive sign, Cancer tends to love in an all-consuming way that can sometimes seem stifling to more independent signs.


Intense and highly emotional, Scorpios tend to be experts at hiding how they really feel. It can be difficult to get to know a Scorpio, but there is something electric about them nonetheless.


The most compassionate of the star signs, Pisces is sometimes taken advantage of in relationships. Pisceans tend to see things how they'd like them to be, rather than how they really are.