What To Plant In A Greenhouse: 8 Top Crops To Grow

Chilies are a fabulous ingredient in the kitchen, adding a kick to curries, stir-fries, pasta dishes, and everything in-between


Learning how to grow tomatoes is an easy skill that will reward you with the most delicious summer fruits. As they are tender plants, they do very well in greenhouses.


These delicious veggies are perfect for summer salads or sandwiches. Plus, homegrown ones taste so much better than ones bought in the shops.


There are lots of decisions to be made when it comes to choosing a greenhouse. If you opt for a heated one, you can start some crops earlier. In the case of aubergines, this can be as early as January.


If your greenhouse is a smaller design, you can grow potatoes in bags, containers, or a barrel.


They may have had a bad rep over the years. But with some simple cooking skills, there are ways to transform the humble sprout into a delicious side dish.

Brussels sprouts

Sow them alongside other hardy plants like leeks and sprouts, so that once the warmer weather appears you can plant them out.


For salads, you can sow it all year round in your greenhouse. But, if you want it to mature then you should transplant seedlings five weeks after sowing into rich firm soil outdoors.


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