Weight loss: Radish Can Help You Shed Kilos Easily

People on weight loss diets may tell you to cut carbs. We often misinterpret the advice and cut out all carbs, putting our health at risk.

Our bodies need carbs to process, store, and build macromolecules. Therefore, carb-free is unhealthy. 

Just avoid junk food and sugary items that are high in refined carbohydrates. Refined carbohydrates are simple carbs that easily digest and cause weight gain.

Radish varieties grow throughout spring, summer, and winter.  Since not everyone enjoys radish, did you know it has several health benefits, including weight loss?

It's true. Radish fiber and water keep you satisfied longer because fiber takes the longest to digest. 

Radishes are low in calories, therefore eating them won't increase your calorie intake and avoid hunger.

Radish is low-GI Veggie. Low GI foods control blood sugar.

A balanced blood insulin level is needed for fat burning.

Radishes include antioxidants that trigger the body's antioxidant process, which boosts metabolism and reduces fat storage.

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