Unlikely Causes Of Weight Gain

Some so-called "healthy" foods are trash. Many healthy-sounding foods, including sugary morning cereal and fat-free yogurts, are unhealthy.

Consuming  Healthy Foods 

Stress causes weight gain. You crave sugary and fatty foods more. Finding a technique to relax and reduce stress is crucial.

Not Unwinding 

Some household dust contains compounds that may encourage fat cell growth, say researchers.

House Is Dirty

 Office workers spend 8-10 hours a day seated. This slows metabolism, causing weight gain and greater mortality. The answer? Exercise.

Long Term Sitting

Sleep is necessary for cellular renewal and other physiological processes that affect weight. Sleep deprivation can cause weight gain.

Sleeping Poorly 

Your brain needs time to detect fullness, so eat slowly and chew carefully. Fast food is linked to obesity in several studies.

Eating Too Fast 

 Although further research is needed, smoggy cities are linked to obesity. This is largely due to environmental contaminants.

Your City Is Big

You should have a social life, but that often means eating out and drinking. Plus, if your buddies eat unhealthy stuff, you probably will too.

Busy Social Life