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Travelers Make These 10 Costly Mistakes Every Year

Not Buying Travel Insurance:

Skipping travel insurance can be costly, especially if you encounter health issues or unexpected trip cancellations.


This can lead to hefty baggage fees on airlines and inconvenience in transit.

Failing to Notify Bank of Travel Plans:

Banks may flag foreign transactions as suspicious and block your card, leaving you without access to money.

Not Researching Mobile Data Plans:

Roaming charges can be exorbitant; not having an appropriate international data plan can lead to high costs.

Booking Flights and Hotels at the Last Minute:

This often results in higher prices as availability decreases.

From Berlin, Germany to Potsdam:

Home to Sanssouci Palace and gardens, Potsdam offers a glimpse into Germany's royal past.

Ignoring Seasonal Price Fluctuations:

Traveling during peak season without considering the higher costs associated with it.

Not Comparing Currency Exchange Rates: 

Exchanging money at airports or hotels without checking for the best rates can be more expensive.

Overlooking Free Activities:

Many destinations offer free activities and attractions, missing out on these can lead to unnecessary spending.

Eating Near Major Tourist Attractions:

Restaurants in these areas often charge premium prices.

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