Top 10 Furniture Designs For Your Living Room

The Drum stool is a minimal, clean, and stackable stool design that is also super sustainable. Although it looks like an adorable little wine cork, you will realize it offers so much more, once you take a closer look.

The Drum Stool

The Cheviot side table is built from sturdy steel featuring a long-lasting, heat-cured powder-coating finish. The finish offers resistance to everyday wear and tear.

The Cheviot Side Table

This minimal, elegant, and chic-looking armchair is called the Flow Single Sofa and is part of SUNRUI’s FLOW Collection. It literally looks like the Queen’s Chair if you look closely enough!

The Flow Single Sofa

This stool design is pretty cool! It has a compact, concise, and minimal form that makes it the perfect addition to any modern living room.

Sushant Vohra’s Stool

The Venus Fold Chair draws inspiration from this piece of art, and it functions as a cozy and comfortable seating option that can be easily folded.

The Venus Folding Chair

The Pentagon Stool is a clean and minimal low stool that was created  using five identical pieces of hardwood.

The Pentagon Stool

Featuring a hand-sanded teak frame, the minimal and clean chair can be utilized for both dinner and lounge settings.

Brottö Chair

The Kabinett is a minimal and sturdy cabinet designed for modern home offices…that also doubles up as a work desk.


It is an interesting mix between a chair, a pod, and a beanbag, and it also happens to look like a fortune cookie!

The Fortune Cookie

Wormholes can hypothetically connect two disparate points in spacetime via a tunnel. And they’re quite commonly found in science fiction

Wormhole Coffee Table

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