To Maintain Acne-Free Skin, Avoid These Foods

Face-popping acne breakouts are annoying. Your favorite meals may be causing your facial zits without your knowledge. 

You can avoid zits by changing your diet. Avoid these 7 meals for acne-free skin.

1. Milk and milk products: We think milk is great for our bodies and digestion, so we drink it every day. This may not be entirely true. Excess milk is insulinogenic because it increases insulin production. 

2. Bread:  Bread contains gluten, which damages the small intestines and promotes inflammation. Your body may lose antioxidants from its usage. Eating less bread can benefit your body.

3. Spinach: Spinach is advised for healthy, clear skin. However, too much spinach might cause facial breakouts. Spinach's high iodine content is the main reason.  

4. Fried food:  Greasy fast food greatly aggravates acne. Grease and fat in processed fried foods can damage skin and cause oil buildup.

5. Caffeine:  Caffeine causes acne and spreads it. Avoid coffee and other caffeine-containing drinks for cleaner skin.

6. Alcohol:  Alcohol can promote inflammation and testosterone/estrogen imbalances. Zinc, which fights acne, can be depleted by excessive alcohol use.

7. Spicy food:  Excessive consumption can significantly affect the digestive system by generating intestinal inflammation. Spice-rich foods can cause acne.

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