The Ultimate Healthy Eating Guide

Learn about carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. All three are essential for the body’s energy and functioning.Focus on vitamins and minerals. A varied diet usually provides all the necessary micronutrients.

Basics of Nutrition

Aim for at least 5 servings a day for a range of vitamins, minerals, and fiber.Choose whole grains over refined grains for more nutrients and fiber.

Variety of Foods

Understanding serving sizes can help avoid overeating even healthy foods.Use smaller plates and bowls to naturally reduce portion sizes.

Portion Control

Processed foods often contain unhealthy fats, added sugars, and high levels of sodium.

Limit Processed Foods

Drink plenty of water throughout the day.Limit sugary drinks and high-calorie beverages.

Stay Hydrated

Regular physical activity supports metabolism and overall health, complementing a healthy diet.

Stay Active

Eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’re satisfied.Be mindful of emotional eating.

Listen to Your Body