The Biggest Vegetarian Mistakes

Vegetarians may eat more yogurt and dairy. Not all yogurts are alike. Some are loaded with sugar, so pick plain.

Questionable Dairy

Protein is essential for growth and recuperation, yet most vegetarians overeat at first, even though they meet or exceed their RDA.

Protein Obsession

"Snacking on fruit alone can cause you to get super-hangry," says 80 Twenty Nutrition president Christy Brissette.

Fruit Only Snacking 

This is another pitfall from the previous point. Smothering tuna or lettuce in mayonnaise or oil is not healthy veggie food.

Creating Calorie Bomb Salads

A handful of these is generally enough unless you're hiking and burning calories. Choose a packet without many sweets or dried fruit.

Easy On The Trail Mix

Once vegetarians stop eating red meat, they must obtain this. A cup of milk and an egg provides two-thirds of your daily needs.

Lacking Vitamin B-12

Calcium is hard to absorb from leafy vegetables. Calcium absorption from spinach is 5% and kale 50%. Simply put, eat more kale.

Eat More Spinach Than Kale