The 7 Best Frozen Vegetables You Should Be Eating For Weight Loss, According To Dietitians

This is a versatile option that can be used as a substitute for rice, offering a nutritious boost with fewer calories.


It's a nutrient-rich vegetable that works well in a variety of dishes like soups and frittatas, and is also suitable for smoothies.

Frozen Spinach

These maintain their texture and color well and can be prepared in various ways, such as sautéing or roasting.

Green Beans

Belonging to the cruciferous family, broccoli is great for roasting and adding to dishes like pasta or as a side.

Frozen Broccoli

Ideal for stir-fries or with chicken and brown rice or cauliflower rice. They are convenient and can enhance the flavor of many dishes.

Bell Peppers

These provide a variety of nutrients and are convenient for quick meals, either as a side or part of a main dish.

Vegetable Medleys

Rapid roasting is easy with frozen asparagus. This healthful, low-prep meal can be added to sheet pan dinners with salmon.