The 5 Best Whole Grains To Help Improve Insulin Resistance, Recommended By Dietitians

High in fiber, oats help control blood sugar levels. Ideal for breakfast, they should be consumed as steel-cut or rolled oats for maximum fiber content​


Rich in soluble fiber, buckwheat flour is great for regulating blood glucose and improving glucose tolerance, especially in baked goods


An ancient grain full of nutrients like fiber and protein. Farro, with its medium glycemic index, can be added to various dishes for a healthful benefit​


Though technically a seed, quinoa is high in protein and fiber. Versatile in use, it's excellent for enhancing insulin sensitivity and can be mixed with other grains​


Whole, unprocessed wheat kernels. Wheat berries, with a moderate glycemic load, are versatile in dishes ranging from salads to breakfasts​

Wheat Berries

High in fiber, barley aids in improving metabolism, insulin sensitivity, and blood sugar levels. It's particularly beneficial for those with type 2 diabetes


Known for its high fiber content, millet is a good choice for managing blood sugar levels. It's versatile and can be used in various dishes, from salads to side dishes​