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The 10 Coolest Train Trips You Can Take

Trans-Siberian Railway, Russia:

The world's longest railway journey, stretching from Moscow to Vladivostok, offering breathtaking views of the Russian landscape.

Glacier Express, Switzerland:

Known as the “slowest express train in the world,” it traverses the Swiss Alps, connecting Zermatt and St. Moritz 

The Ghan, Australia:

A journey through the heart of Australia, from Adelaide to Darwin, showcasing the vast and varied landscapes of the Australian outback.

Rocky Mountaineer, Canada:

Offers various routes through the Canadian Rockies, known for luxurious trains and spectacular views.

Blue Train, South Africa:

A luxury train journey offering an unparalleled way of experiencing some of South Africa’s most magnificent landscapes.

Orient Express, Europe:

A famous historic train offering luxury travel across Europe, known for its elegant interiors and exceptional service.

California Zephyr, USA:

Travels from Chicago to San Francisco, passing through the Rocky Mountains and Sierra Nevadas, offering some of the most beautiful vistas in North America.

Hiram Bingham, Peru:

A luxury train traveling from Cusco to Machu Picchu, offering stunning views of the Andes and the Urubamba River.

Palace on Wheels, India:

A journey into the heart of Rajasthan, offering a glimpse of royal luxury with visits to historic forts and palaces.

The Flåm Railway, Norway:

Known for its steep climb, waterfalls, and amazing views of the Norwegian fjords.

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