Raw Milk's Hidden Benefits

These benefits may make you want to drink raw milk more, but see your doctor first because it has risks.

Cow's milk makes one of the most nutritious and popular foods around the world, thanks to its versatility; you make butter, cheese, yogurt, smoothies, shakes and ice-cream out of it.

 It can also be enjoyed as it is as a refreshing drink boasting of innumerable health properties.

Our pasteurized milk may be healthy for most of us. Did you know raw, unpasteurized milk has several benefits?

It contains minerals and enzymes that promote immunity and reduce allergies. Compared to pasteurized, easily digested milk, it is lighter.

1. Natural vitamins:  Raw milk fat contains soluble vitamins A, K, and E. It contains water-soluble vitamins C and B complex, which are destroyed by heat. Most commercially fortified pasteurized milk contains vitamins.

2. Helps control blood pressure:  Raw milk includes extra casein proteins, which can help maintain healthy blood pressure and promote mineral absorption. Raw milk contains vitamin D and calcium, which lower blood pressure.

3. Excellent for your gut bacteria:  Raw milk is rich in good bacteria and makes an excellent probiotic drink for your digestive system. Its enzymes may aid meal digestion.

4. Raw milk for skin:  Raw milk moisturizes and tones skin. Wintertime use makes skin smooth and supple. Applying it consistently to your face and skin may glow.

5. Helps maintain healthy bones and teeth:  Milk is a good calcium source for bones and teeth. Compared to pasteurized milk, raw milk has more calcium. 

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