Plant Based Diets May Be Linked To Lower Cholesterol Levels 

Plant-based diets are typically high in dietary fiber, found in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes.

High In Fiber

Plant-based diets offer less saturated and trans fats, which are associated to elevated cholesterol in animal products.

Low In Saturated and Trans Fats

Plant-based diets are low in saturated fats but high in unsaturated fats from avocados, nuts, seeds, and olive oil, which can lower cholesterol.

Unsaturated Fats

Plant-based diets are high in antioxidants, found in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

Antioxidant-Rich Foods

The staples of plant-based diets. Almonds and flaxseeds include beneficial fats, fiber, and other elements that decrease cholesterol.

Nuts And Seeds

Beans, lentils, and peas are integral to plant-based diets. They are high in protein, fiber, and minerals, and can help reduce LDL cholesterol and improve overall heart health.


Plant-based diets can also aid in weight management. Being overweight or obese is a risk factor for high cholesterol

Weight Management