Nutritionist Shares 6 High-Protein Breakfast For Weight-loss

All of these breakfast choices are low in calories, high in protein, and full of healthy nutrients that will help you start your day

Let's Have a Look!

1. Green Smoothie- Anyone who wants to start their day on a good note should blend a bunch of fresh greens like spinach with non-dairy milk, peanut butter, a banana, protein powder, and other things.

2. Greek yogurt-  Greek yogurt, either plain or spiced, is a great choice for breakfast because it is high in protein and probiotics. Fruits and granola can be added to make it your own.

3. Classic: eggs!- We all know that eggs are high in protein, so there's not much more to say about this. Three eggs in the morning is a good way to get about 18 grams of protein.

4. OatmeaL-   When baked or made fresh on the stove, oatmeal is a great way to add high-fiber foods like nut butter, veggies, and seeds. It will also give you the carbs you need to have a full day.

5. Chia Seeds-  Like oatmeal or yogurt, chia seeds are a great base for tasty toppings. They are full of fiber and protein. Chia seeds should be soaked in almond milk overnight so that you can have a creamy breakfast in the morning.

6.  Whole Grain Toast-  This popular breakfast food has been around for a long time. Whole grain toast gives you fiber and carbs, which keep your body going and give you energy.

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