Is your ‘Western Diet’ the reason for Overeating and Obesity?

What's Western diet? Most western diets are abundant in red meat, saturated fats, and sweets.  Fiber is scarce in this diet. 

CNN reports that when earnings rise, people worldwide eat more calories and meat. Access to and consumption of processed foods are rising. 

Western Diet and Overeating: Gives you a high, according to researchers

Chronic Western diet intake leads to overeating and obesity owing to elevated "peripheral endocannabinoid signaling," according to Physiology and Behaviour.

It makes you feel high and cheerful, like smoking and causes intense cravings.

This theory was tested between two sets of mice – one on the Western diet, and the other on a low fat and sugar diet, and they were monitored over the next 60 days. 

Western diet mice gained weight and became fat. They ate more calories and meals. But experts don't know if humans will react similarly. We don't just need drugs to fight obesity.

Identifying the fats and sugars in the Western diet that cause overeating may allow us to eliminate them from our diets.  

Obesity is rising due to sedentary lifestyles, disposable income, and urbanization. This causes diabetes and other disorders.

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