Homemade Sunflower Halva- Recipe

I often make halva myself at home. All you need are two ingredients and a good blender that will grind them into a pulp. It turns out cheaper and even more tasty than in the store.


– 10.6 oz of hulled sunflower seeds, – 3.5-4.2 oz of liquid honey.

Method of preparation:

1. I roast sunflower seeds on a dry pan until golden and fragrant.

2. Then put the toasted seeds in a basin or plate to cool.

3. Chilled seeds are ground into a fine paste. This works best with a coffee grinder or powerful blender.

4. Gently stir honey into powdered seeds to make a Play-Doh-like paste.

5. Carefully squeeze sunflower seed paste into a plastic-wrapped mold. I refrigerated it overnight.

6. Cutting ready halva into wedges.

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