Here are 8 traditions I grew up with that my American friends find surprising.

Shoes Off Indoors: In many Asian and Scandinavian cultures, it's customary to remove shoes before entering a home to keep the indoors clean.

Afternoon Siesta: In Spain and some Latin American countries, an afternoon nap or rest period, known as siesta, is common and businesses may close to accommodate this.

Extended Family Living: In many parts of the world, including parts of Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America, it's common for multiple generations to live under one roof.

Two-hour Lunch Breaks: In some European countries, like France and Italy, lunch breaks can last up to two hours, allowing time for a leisurely meal and rest.

Coming of Age Ceremonies: In Japan, the "Seijin Shiki" or Coming of Age Day celebrates young people reaching the age of 20 with ceremonies and festivities.

Name Day Celebrations: In many Eastern European and Latin American countries, celebrating one's name day

Public Bathhouses: In countries like Japan and Korea, public bathhouses (onsen or sento in Japan and jjimjilbang in Korea) are common places for communal bathing and relaxation.

Festivals of Light: In India, Diwali, the festival of lights, is celebrated with fireworks, lamps, and sweets.

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