Healthy Heart: Foods To Eat and Avoid

To keep your heart healthy, exercise, stay fit, and get enough sleep. To be effective, this must be paired with a well-planned diet. 

The following foods should not be eaten.

1. Trans Fat:  Studies show trans fat is the worst. It is found in processed and packaged foods, especially long-lasting ones. Look for 'hydrogenated oils' in the ingredients to spot trans-fat if the nutrition label doesn't list it.

2. Red meat:   Several types of meat provide essential nutrients. Red meat (mutton, lamb, cattle, pork) can be replaced by white meat (fish and chicken). 

3. Egg Yolk:   Modern diets say eggs are high in cholesterol and should be avoided. However, saturated fats are kept in the yolk, not the white. 

4. Salt and Sugar:  Only salt enhances food flavor. It improves taste. Too much sodium might be harmful. Don't even mention our sugar tooth. 

Include these heart-healthy foods in your diet.

1. Oats:  Replace cheese omelets with heart-healthy oats for breakfast. Oat fiber binds and eliminates bile acids. These bile acids are cholesterol-based. 

2. Nuts:  Having a handful of nuts can help your heart. This does not imply you should complete that salted cashew package. Replace your mid-meal snack with mixed nuts.

3. Berries: These antioxidant-rich fruits lower blood pressure considerably. They enhance good HDL cholesterol, helping you maintain a healthy heart.

4.  Legumes:  Heart-healthy legumes contain antioxidants, proteins, and fiber. They're also good folate sources. They boost platelet activity like berries.

5. Salmon:  Salmon is easy to cook and can be used in sandwiches, cold cuts, sushi, and filets. Salmon strengthens cardiac muscles with its easily digestible protein.

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