Grow These 7 Tiny Plants In A Cup

Basil is prevalent in Indian families. Medical and spiritual aspects characterize this plant. This plant grows well in a six-inch container.


Oregano enjoys the sun. Small cups and pots are ideal for them. Use direct sunshine during the day for optimal results.


Cute aloe vera plants make great home decor. This plant grows well in a four- to five-inch cup. 

Aloe vera

One of the best indoor plants is snake plant. They grow well in large or small pots. They purify air and provide oxygen overnight. 

 Snake Plant

The best spice for your food is mushrooms. These tasty plants can thrive in cups and pots in your small garden. However, they flourish in huge places too.


Small cacti, such as Mammillaria or Gymnocalycium, can thrive in a cup. Ensure the cup has proper drainage by adding rocks or gravel at the bottom before planting them in a cactus-specific potting mix.

Miniature Cacti

Pothos is another low-maintenance option for cup gardening. They thrive in a variety of light conditions and can adapt to different soil types.

Miniature Pothos