For broth, brown onions? Once you hear the expert, you'll stop.

Browning onions for broth is a popular approach to add flavor and scent. 

Is it Safe for health? 

Everything depends on vegetable browning, says a dietician.

Browning onions in rosół soup may enhance its flavor but also pose health hazards. 

Is roasting onions for broth safe?

According to National Institute of Public Health PZH–PIB nutritionist Baszar El-Helou, roasted onion can deepen a broth's flavor. He advises against over-browning the veggie.

Fried onions and acrylamide penetrate the soup. It builds up and can damage the nervous system. Additionally, it may cause cancer.

The color and flavor of broth can be enhanced by browning onions.

However, overcharging the vegetable might release harmful substances into the broth. 

 To reduce the risk of harm to the body, it is best to scrape off the burnt parts of the onion or roast it on a dry pan or grill, making sure not to burn it.

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