Eight Tips For Happy, Healthy Azaleas

Most people have a particular color in mind when adding an azalea to their garden. One way to guarantee the color you want is to buy flowering plants.

Buying Azaleas

To get the most impact, set out blocks or sweeps of the same selection. Ten types scattered across the front of your house will be colorful but chaotic.

Group Plants

Azaleas can grow taller. Southern Indian hybrids grow 8–10 feet tall in some parts of the South and should be planted 4 feet apart.So choose the proper size for your environment.

Right Size

As with any plant, when you're choosing the best spot to place azaleas, take the sun into account.

Proper Light

Azaleas like acidic, well-drained, organically rich soil. In heavy clay or nutrient-poor sand, they fail. Use enough of leaf mold, peat moss, or bark to produce the optimum soil environment.

Needs Acid Soil

It is critical for azaleas' survival that they receive regular water during their first two years while getting established but proper drainage is also key.

Regular Watering

If you're planting an azalea bush in heavy clay soil, plant it almost on top of the ground, building soil up on the sides of the root ball.

Planting In Clay

Avoid the urge to shear your plants into round balls or other geometric forms. Azaleas look best when allowed to grow to their natural mounded shape.