Eight Subtle Anxiety Symptoms

In some forms of anxiety, adrenaline and hormones rush the body, triggering a "fight or flight" or "acute stress response," which can be felt in the chest.

Chest Pain

The fight or flight reaction puts the body on high alert, ready to handle a threat even without one, and the heart might start pounding faster to give its limbs as much oxygen as possible.

Heart Racing

 Speeding up speaking can help socially anxious persons get it over with faster.

Talking Too Fast

The Anxiety Centre notes that this tension can influence all bodily parts and cause recurrent toe-tapping, knee-jiggling, and pacing while in high mental and physical agitation.

Jumpy And Restless

Anxiety makes people attentive, which prevents them from sleeping. They may also be unable to quit worrying and relax.

Sleep Problems

We all snap at tiny things, but consistent irritability, rage, or violence may indicate anxiety disorders.


People who go with the flow may not comprehend this, but someone with an anxiety illness needs as much details as possible as soon as possible to fight worrisome thoughts.

They Require All Details

Lingering muscle tension, whether from clenching the jaw or limbs, is a major symptom of worry. Not many realize they're doing it.

Tenseness And Clutching