Eight Relationship Signs Of Toxicity

Both are needed for a healthy partnership. Constantly giving without receiving will deplete you.

All Take, No Give

It's fine to have ideas, but frequent criticism that isn't intended to help is a destructive attempt to undermine you.

Criticizing You Constantly

You will never be an equal partner if the person simply frames everything around oneself, from daily discussions to the relationship.

Narcissism Never Ends

No relationship can progress without trust. Why stay if you don't trust them? You'll both keep putting out imaginary fires.


Good partnerships should enrich your life. Take a break if you're usually fatigued mentally, emotionally, and physically and not joyful and productive.

Feeling Exhausted

Constantly feeling angry or unsafe can affect every aspect of your life and indicates an unhealthy relationship.

Constant Animosity

Harmful relationships can bring out bad traits, sometimes as a coping mechanism. Good relationships push you to improve.

It Brings Out Your Worst

If they don't respect your space, time, feelings, viewpoint, etc., leave the connection.

Repeated Disrespect