Easy to Try Delicious Egg White Dishes

Eggs are a versatile ingredient for experimentation. They are the star in many morning meals and supplement some of our favorite sweets.

All good bakers know that egg whites and yolks can be used in different ways in numerous recipes. Egg whites make macaroons and meringues airy and fluffy, but egg yolks bond them.

Both egg whites and yolks have varied nutritional value. Egg yolks include cholesterol, fat-soluble vitamins, and minerals, whereas egg whites provide most of the protein. Egg whites have almost little carbohydrates or fat.

Our top 6 egg white recipes can be used for any meal.

1. Chicken Omelette with Sauteed Mushrooms:  Try this protein-packed egg white breakfast meal. This omelette has excellent sautéed chicken and mushrooms.

2. Kiwi Pavlova:  A meringue dessert named after Russian dancer Anna Pavlova called Kiwi Pavlova. A beautiful pavlova is light and airy because egg whites are carefully beaten to soft white peaks.

3. Drunken Snow White Meringue: This cloud-like delicacy is tempting with a crisp exterior and chewy inside. Add mangoes for sweetness.

4. Baked Vegetable Casserole:  Enjoy the delicious taste of baked vegetables. Egg whites add health and butter makes you grin.

5. Hot Cointreau Souffle:  Delicious hot cointreau soufflé with a boozy edge. Sweetened, baked egg desserts like soufflés emerged in France in the 18th century.

6. Broccoli Souffle: A convenient way to incorporate green vegetables into kids' meals. Its broccoli and egg white filling will remain unknown.  

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