Drinking Green Tea: How Much is Healthy

Green tea has been promoted as a 'weight-loss aid'. Experts recommend two to three glasses of green tea with a nutritious diet to reduce weight.

However, excess is bad, regardless of dietary quality. Any negative effects on the body? How much green tea is needed daily?

Here are green tea's negative effects.

1. Caffeine Overdose:   Green tea, like all teas, contains caffeine, which can cause headaches, sleeping disturbances, irritability, anxiety, and heartburn. Therefore, limit yourself to two or three cups a day.

2. Upset Stomach:  Drinking green tea on an empty stomach can upset you. Tannins in green tea raise stomach acid, causing stomach pain, nausea, burning, and constipation. Drink green tea between or after meals.

3. Reduces the Iron Content in the Body:    Green tea provides catechins that promote metabolism and reduce weight, but excessive drinking can impair iron absorption. Iron-deficient people are worse off. To lessen this impact, squeeze lemon into the tea.

4. Dehydration:  Green tea is a natural diuretic, so drinking too much might induce excessive urination and electrolyte abnormalities. Headaches, lethargy, and weariness can result from dehydration.

4. Mint lime fizz:  This lemony, effervescent drink boosts energy and eliminates pollutants. Its refreshing mint leaves combined with lemon, sugar, and water make it the perfect soda-mint nimbu pani.

5. Can Affect Those on Medications:   Healthy people can drink two to three cups of green tea daily, but those on prescriptions may not. Consult a doctor before drinking green tea with drugs.

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