Drinking baking soda help you lose Weight

Baking soda serves as a teeth whitener, mouthwash, heartburn remedy, cake and cookie ingredient. 

Some recommend adding baking soda with water or apple cider vinegar to lose weight faster.

There is no solid scientific proof that consuming baking soda in any form can speed up the weight loss process.

In contrast, drinking baking soda alkalizes the body. According to basic science, baking soda is Sodium Bicarbonate.

Water and baking soda react with stomach acids to generate salt, water, and carbon dioxide. This just changes body pH and relieves indigestion and nausea.

Scientific data suggests that changing body pH can help lose weight.

Another belief is that adding baking to your bathwater boosts metabolism and removes toxins, which can help you lose weight. Like the prior claim, this one is false.

Effective weight loss requires a calorie deficit. Physical activity reduces calorie intake and increases calorie burn.

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