Do You Live in the Angriest State in America? Here are the Top 10

Alabama: With an Anger Index score of 100, Alabama tops the list. The state has a high percentage of road rage fatalities and toxic internet comments​

Colorado: Colorado ranks second with an Anger Index score of 73.32. The state has its share of road rage and hate crimes

Indiana: Indiana ranks fourth with an Anger Index score of 64.20, reflecting issues like road rage and toxic internet behavior​

South Carolina: This state comes in third with a score of 70.42, indicating significant levels of anger among its residents

Vermont: Surprisingly, Vermont ranks fifth with a score of 55.34, showing that even states known for their tranquility can have underlying anger issues​

Washington: Washington state, with its score of 46.90, shows a considerable level of anger, potentially influenced by road rage and online toxicity

Connecticut: Ranking seventh, Connecticut has an Anger Index score of 43.08, reflecting its challenges with anger and aggression

New Jersey: Known for its dense population and bustling cities, New Jersey ranks eighth with a score of 42.83

Massachusetts: This state comes in ninth with a score of 37.39, influenced by factors like toxic internet comments and hate crimes​

Michigan: Rounding out the top ten, Michigan has an Anger Index score of 33.08, indicating a significant level of anger among its residents​

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