Do You Know Your Birth Month Flowers?

Often referred to as a "flower to the gods," carnations are a symbol of love, loyalty, and perseverance. With an assortment of colors, they often embody coded meanings of love, affection, and admiration.

January: Carnation

Violets come in a variety of purple hues and symbolize loyalty and faithfulness. Throughout history, they've also been associated with devotion and innocence.

February: Violet

As spring arrives, so do these beauts, reminding us of rebirth and hope after a long winter. Jonquils are heavily perfumed and will definitely leave an impact.

March: Jonquil

With a bright, bold yellow center and white petals, daisies meaning loyal love and purity. Blooming from spring until late fall, longevity is also one of their strongest connotations.

April: Daisy

Lily of the valley is a delicate flower that spreads quickly. With its strong aroma, this plant represents sensitivity, grace, and contentment.

May: Lily Of The Valley

Roses have for centuries been tied to deep emotions of love and affection. Found in several colors, the classic red is closely tied to passionate desire.

June: Rose

Larkspur symbolizes a strong bond, grace, good intentions, and positivity. It can be found in a variety of tones, including pink, purple, white, and blue.

July: Larkspur

Growing tall with a huge variety of hues, gladiolus have since ancient times been a symbol of victory and healing. They also represent strength and love.

August: Gladiolus

An emblem of undying love, morning glory has a strong meaning of affection. And as a flower that grows on a vast vine, so will your love.

September: Morning glory

Fragrant marigolds come in a variety of autumn colors including orange, yellow, and white. With their bold tones, they symbolize prosperity, optimism, and the rising sun.

October: Marigolds

Coming in a variety of colors, these hearty blooms symbolize joy and longevity. They also mirror loyalty, fortune, and friendship.

November: Chrysanthemum

Long used in holiday decorations, holly has throughout history been tied to religious traditions and spiritual beliefs. Ultimately, it's a symbol of renewal, happiness, and fertility.

December: Holly