Daily Things You Didn't Realize Harm Your Mental Health

All of us bully ourselves in the mirror sometimes. However, starting your day with how you appear instead of how you feel and what makes you happy can ruin your attitude.

Looking In The Mirror

Because notifications release dopamine, excessive smartphone use can lead to addiction as users check for updates and dread losing out

Keep Your Phone Buzzing

Overwhelming your days is associated with a “productive” lifestyle, but it can actually hurt it.

Scheduling Too Much

Eating lunch at your desk may seem like the only option, but it might actually make work more stressful.

Lunching At Your Desk

Studies have shown that eating without focusing on your meal makes it hard for your mind to appreciate taste or identify fullness, leading to overeating.

Watching TV While Eating

Sunlight and vitamin D deficiency is connected to depression, so get outside to acquire them.

Indoors Too Much

Other studies demonstrate that good posture boosts self-esteem, and stances that make you appear larger can boost confidence!

Crossing Arms/Legs