Taco Bell's 'Premium' Nuggets Challenge McDonald's

Costco shoppers frequently agree on whether certain things are worth their money.

But one of Costco's prepared meals may be the most contentious in recent history. Fans call it "delicious," but others call it "inedible."

This controversial Costco chicken pot pie is a comfort dish. Costco's Kirkland Signature brand sells a five-pound chicken pot pie in the fall. 

Some Costco buyers think the pie is delicious and a terrific winter supper.

But some people really didn't like the pie; their main complaints were about the way it tasted and felt.

"It's an inedible salt bomb of overcooked, chemical-tasting chicken and industrial pie crust that bears zero resemblance to real, flaky pie crust," a reviewer said.

There are, of course, also people whose opinions are more in the middle.