Compared To Chicken, Are Shrimp Healthier to Eat

Both chicken and shrimp are healthy options:

In this story, we compare shrimp against chicken to see which has higher nutritional value.

1. Protein

Both are very good ways to get protein into your diet.

2.  Calories

                Per serving, shrimp has fewer calories than chicken.


Shrimp have greater cholesterol; however, whether or not cholesterol in the diet affects blood cholesterol levels is controversial.

4. Fats

Chicken, especially when served with the skin, is higher in fat.

5. Omega-3

Omega-3 fatty acids: shrimp is a good source of these, which are good for your heart.

6. Vitamins/Minerals

Vitamins and minerals, both necessary, supply different types of nourishment in differing doses.

Neither one is inherently "healthier" than the other. Think about your diet and your specific demands as a whole.

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