Childhood Habits That Affect Your Adult Life

Were you carrying a backpack that was too heavy when you were a child? That might be the reason why you have back pain today.

Heavy Backpack

Some children fear the dark and sleep with the bedroom light on.Continuing to do so as an adult may increase your risk of depression.

Sleeping With The Light On

Researchers published a 2006 study after evaluating 324 persons. They found that nose pickers were 51% more likely to carry S. aureus, a nasal germ.

Picking Your Nose

studies found that kids who spend too much time in front of the screen could have attention problems in their adolescence.

Watching Too Much Television

Drinking too many fruit juices or other sweet drinks can lead to poor oral health and weight gain.

Drinking Too Many Sugary Drinks

The older you get, the more you grow out of the thumb-sucking habit, but it can leave some long-term side effects.

Sucking Your Thumb

Many kids and adults struggle to overcome this practice. Nail biting can harm your teeth, destroy nail-growing tissue, or infect your nail skin.

Biting Your Nails