7 Belly Fat Myths To Debunk

Smaller meals may not reduce belly fat. Three balanced meals and one snack per day boost metabolism. It prevents overeating and prolongs satisfaction.

Small Meals Work Best

Drinking three cups of green tea a day may boost your metabolism, but it won't melt abdominal fat.

Green Tea Melts Fat

Your genes dictate where your body stores fat. It doesn't mean you'll be overweight there.

Some Are Born With Abdominal Fat

Drinking too much beer won't shrink your waist, but it doesn't cause beer bellies. It's probably from eating too many empty calories.

Beer Produces Beer Belly

Gluten-free is often thought to be healthy. People who chose processed, refined gluten-free goods will certainly grow belly fat. 

Gluten-Free Choices Burn Belly Fat

Drinking too much sugar and calories in juices and smoothies is a major issue. Juices often lack fibers, which keep you full.

A Juice Detox Helps You Lose Weight

Fat around your tummy will prevent crunches from giving you abs. Exercise will just build muscles. First, focus on a clean, balanced diet to lose stomach fat.

Only Ab Exercises Are Needed