9 Things To Keep Out Of Your Dining Room, According To Designers

Avoid placing office desks, computers, printers, or any work-related items in your dining room. It can disrupt the serene atmosphere and discourage family members from enjoying meals together.

Office equipment

Keep treadmills, stationary bikes, or other exercise equipment out of the dining room to maintain a dedicated dining space that encourages relaxation and conversation.

Exercise equipment

Cluttered dining rooms can make it difficult to enjoy meals. Avoid piling up items like newspapers, magazines, or random objects on the dining table or in the room itself.

Excessive clutter

Choose artwork that enhances the dining experience rather than pieces that may be too distracting or unrelated to the theme of the room.

Inappropriate wall art

Dining rooms should have appropriate, adjustable lighting that sets the right mood. Avoid overly bright or harsh lighting fixtures that can be uncomfortable during meals.

harsh lighting

Ensure you have enough seating for your family and guests. Avoid overcrowding or inadequate seating arrangements that can make dining uncomfortable.

Inadequate seating

Opt for lighter window treatments that allow natural light to filter in during the day. Heavy curtains can make the room feel cramped and dark.

Heavy curtains

Don't use the dining room for general storage purposes. Keep items like cleaning supplies, toys, or excess kitchen equipment out of this space to maintain its primary purpose as a dining area.

Unrelated storage

While it's common to have a TV in some dining spaces, consider keeping it minimal and discreet. Avoid large, dominating screens or too many electronic gadgets that can detract from the dining ambiance.

Excessive electronics

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