8 Things You Shouldn't Store In The Garage

If you've ever given your home a fresh coat of paint, chances are that you still have some leftover tins in the garage.But this isn’t the best place to keep them as it won’t last long in the high summer temperatures.


You may have no other option, but if you do, be aware that wooden furniture won’t stay in top condition if it's left in a cold, damp garage.

Wooden Furniture

This might seem like a no-brainer but food should not be stored in the garage – unless you want to attract mice and other pests!

Food Of Any Kind

In the same way that wood is affected by humidity, the way that paper fibres respond will also cause pages to curl and spines to warp.


If you’re holding on to old DVD players, games consoles, TVs or computers in order to sell them off, be aware that they could be damaged by extreme temperature fluctuations.


Propane canisters for your gas barbecue should be kept somewhere outside where it’s well-ventilated.

Propane Gas For Barbecues

Keeping food at the appropriate temperature requires more energy in an unregulated garage fridge. Place the fridge elsewhere to save your energy bill.


Condenser dryers shouldn’t be stored in the garage because they can be affected by cold temperatures.

Tumble Dryers

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