8 subtle signs you can't trust your partner

Inconsistency in Their Stories: Pay attention if your partner's stories don’t add up over time. Inconsistent details or frequent changes in their narratives about past events

Avoidance of Certain Topics: If your partner consistently avoids certain topics or becomes visibly uncomfortable when they come up

Overreaction to Questions: An overreaction or defensive attitude to simple or reasonable questions can be a sign of guilt or that they're hiding something.

Lack of Transparency: Trust requires openness. If your partner is overly secretive about their phone, social media, or personal life, it might indicate a lack of transparency.

Unexplained Expenses or Changes in Spending: Unexplained changes in financial habits or secretive spending can be indicative of something they're not being upfront about.

Change in Routine or Behavior: Sudden and unexplained changes in routine, behavior, or habits, especially if they're unwilling to talk about them, can be a sign of trouble.

Gut Feeling: Sometimes, it’s a subtle gut feeling that something isn’t right. Your intuition might pick up on small, almost imperceptible signs that your conscious mind misses.

Avoiding Intimacy or Deep Conversations: If your partner consistently shies away from intimacy or deep, meaningful conversations, it might indicate a lack of emotional trust or connection.

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