8 Items Interior Designers Never Have In Small Bathrooms

1. Hair tools

The first items that spring to mind are hair tools. Storing hair tools in a small bathroom can take up a lot of room.

2. Bulky furniture

Large bulky furniture in a small bathroom is a no-no. Instead, look for furniture for small spaces that will be sleeker and smaller.

3. Plastic storage bins

Please keep plastic storage bins out of the bathroom. Instead, place a nice decorative basket to store towels in a small bathroom.

4.  Dark colors

Keep the small bathroom light and bright, as the brighter colors tend to make the space look larger

5.  Small mirrors

One of the quickest ways to elevate your small bathroom is to add a large or irregularly shaped mirror.

7.  Heavy curtains

Interior designers suggests steering clear of heavy curtains in a small bathroom. Heavy curtains block light, creating an enclosed atmosphere.

8. Harsh Lighting

Use warm overhead lighting rather than harsh fluorescent bulbs, and incorporate sconces, pendants, and backlit mirrors.When possible, use candles to cast an ambient glow.

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