8 Great Affordable Vacation Spots In Europe This  Month

 Christmas is past, and you may desire a holiday to avoid the cold, but hear us out. The Loften Islands change from 24 hour night to sun in three months, as reported by The Times. 

 Loften Islands, Norway

 Switzerland may not be the cheapest, but flights start at £100, so there's no reason not to visit. Especially skiers.

Valais, Switzerland

February is when this seaside Italian city shines, not summer. Renaissance architecture scream romance, making it ideal for Valentine's Day.

Venice, Italy 

Does Austria's capital's gorgeous classical architecture rival anywhere?With temps around zero, the city won't be crowded, so you can enjoy its beauty and world-class institutions.

Vienna, Austria 

Visit Zakopane for a city-free vacation. The Tatra Mountains' little alpine community is a winter delight. 

 Zakopane, Poland 

Visit Cadiz, Spain, where the Spanish Armada began. Visit in February to observe the Cadiz Carnival fill the streets.

 Cadiz, Spain

Paris is lovely year-round. The summer crowds aren't beautiful. Visit the city of lights in February.

 Paris, France 

Santorini, Greece, may be Europe's best sun destination. Despite the wind, it boasts sixteen-degree highs, which Britain won't get until May.

Santorini, Greece