7 things you should never store in plastic containers

Hot Foods or Liquids: Storing hot foods or liquids in some plastic containers can be unsafe.

High-Fat Foods: Fatty foods such as cheese, meat, or oily dishes can also encourage the leaching of chemicals from plastic. It's better to store these items in glass or metal containers.

Acidic Foods: Foods with high acidity, like tomatoes or citrus fruits, can react with plastic, leading to degradation of the container and possible chemical leaching.

Strongly Scented or Flavored Items: Plastic can absorb strong odors and flavors, which can be difficult to remove and might transfer to other foods stored in the same container.

Medications: Some medicines can be sensitive to light and the chemicals in plastic. They are usually best stored in their original containers as per the manufacturer's instructions.

Pet Food: If the plastic container is not airtight, it can lead to the pet food becoming stale. Also, oils from the food can seep into the plastic, potentially creating bacteria growth and odor issues.

Certain Cleaning Supplies: Harsh chemicals, such as bleach or ammonia-based cleaners, should not be stored in plastic containers as they can react with the plastic

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