7 Places To Visit That Will Make You A Happier Person Just By Being There

Valparaiso, Chile's colorful town is must-see. The water, brilliantly painted cottages, and bustling art scene will make even the most grumpy person grin.

Valparaiso Chile

Charter a small boat in Port Opua, Bay of Islands. Drifting amid the 140 subtropical islands will relax you with each passing second.

Bay Of Islands, New Zealand

Nestled in East Sussex, on a bright Spring day, the cliffs glow brilliantly and so a walk with a friend is sure to lift your mood.

Beachy Head, UK

As we've been told a thousand times, Sweden has one of the happiest populations in the world. So, head over to watch the sunset at Fjärdlång and soak up some of their good vibes.

Fjardlang, Sweden

The Kamalaya Resort in Thailand offers a 'wellness program' to improve brain function. Their courses include detoxifying and'stress and burnout.'

Koh Samui, Thailand

Sun, sea, sand, wreaths made of flowers, what's not to love. Head to Waikiki beach and in revel in paradise for a week. Happiness incarnate.

Oahu, Hawaii

For amazing Instagramming, drive the Pacific Rim Highway in British Columbia past Little Qualicum Falls Provincial Park, Cameron Lake, and Kennedy River.

Pacific Rim Highway, Canada