7 Outdated Living Room Trends To Steer Clear Of In 2024

Accent pillows are growing and cluttering spaces.Only a few complimentary throw pillows should be used on your couch.

Overbearing Accent Pillows

Adding every furniture piece you own to your small living room are officially out, people.These pieces take up too much space and can make a living room feel crowded and cluttered

Bulky Furniture

neutrals will always have their place, homeowners are becoming more adventurous with the use of color

Monochromatic Color Schemes

Overcoordinating furniture sets and matching curtains and throw pillows may make a room appear stale. Try mixing colors, textures, and styles for a more unique look.

Excessive Matching

Big, dark wood furniture may make a room feel antiquated and gloomy. Lighter wood tones and simpler furniture designs are favored for a modern look.

Heavy, Dark Wood Furniture

While wall-to-wall carpeting can be cozy, many prefer hardwood or laminate flooring with area rugs for easier maintenance and a more contemporary look.

Wall-To-Wall Carpeting

Open shelves everywhere in the living room can lead to clutter and visual chaos. Consider a mix of closed storage and open shelving for a more organized appearance.

Excessive Open Shelving

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