7 Gluten Free Fast Food: Tasty Alternatives

Fast-food burger places usually sell burgers sans buns. Request a lettuce wrap or gluten-free bread if available. Check that the sauces and condiments are gluten-free.

Burgers Without Buns

Grilled chicken sandwiches or salads are often gluten-free options. Just be cautious about cross-contamination on shared grills, and ask for gluten-free sauces or dressings.

Grilled Chicken

Many fast-food restaurants serve gluten-free salads. Check croutons and request gluten-free dressing or vinaigrette. Avoid gluten-containing substances.


Some Asian fast-food restaurants offer gluten-free rice or noodle dishes. Be cautious of soy sauce, as it often contains gluten. Ask for gluten-free soy sauce or tamari if available.

Asian Fast Food

Some pizza chains have gluten-free crusts. To reduce cross-contamination, many places take safeguards. Check for gluten-free toppings.

Pizza Places

Sushi can be a gluten-free choice if you skip the soy sauce (or use gluten-free soy sauce) and avoid rolls with tempura or imitation crab, which may contain gluten.


Some chains offer gluten-free dessert options, such as flourless chocolate cake or gluten-free cookies. Always check for availability.


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