Unusual Small Pets for Kids to Own


These nocturnal animals are known for their cute appearance and relatively low maintenance.


Ferrets are playful and social animals, but they require a lot of attention and interaction.

Sugar Glider:

These small, nocturnal gliding possums can form strong bonds with their owners but need a specialized diet and care.


Also known as the Mexican walking fish, axolotls are unique aquatic creatures that are relatively easy to care for.

Hermit Crab:

Hermit crabs are fascinating to watch and are relatively low-maintenance pets, but they require a suitable habitat.


Chinchillas are soft and adorable, but they have specific requirements for their environment and diet.


For kids interested in arachnids, a pet tarantula can be a unique and low-maintenance choice.

Stick Insects:

Stick insects are fascinating to observe and are easy to care for, making them a great choice for kids interested in insects.

Guinea Pig:

While not uncommon, guinea pigs are friendly and social pets that are generally well-suited for children.

Micro Pig:

If local regulations allow, micro pigs can be kept as indoor pets. However, they require careful attention to their diet and environment.