Best Fruit Trees to Grow in Your Garden

Apple Tree:

Varieties like 'Fuji,' 'Granny Smith,' and 'Honeycrisp' are popular choices for home gardens, providing a range of flavors and uses.

Peach Tree:

Varieties such as 'Elberta,' 'Red Haven,' and 'Babcock' offer sweet and juicy peaches for home growers.

Cherry Tree:

Sweet cherry varieties like 'Stella' and 'Bing' and sour cherry varieties like 'Montmorency' are excellent choices.

Pear Tree:

Varieties like 'Bartlett,' 'D'Anjou,' and 'Comice' produce flavorful and versatile pears.

Plum Tree:

European plum varieties like 'Stanley' and Japanese plum varieties like 'Santa Rosa' are popular for home gardens.

Citrus Trees:

Depending on your climate, consider growing varieties like oranges, lemons, limes, and grapefruits.

Fig Tree:

Brown Turkey' and 'Celeste' are common fig varieties that are well-suited for home gardens.

Apricot Tree:

Both astringent and non-astringent varieties, such as 'Fuyu' and 'Hachiya,' provide tasty persimmons.

Mulberry Tree:

Dwarf Everbearing' and 'Illinois Everbearing' are popular varieties for home gardens, offering sweet berries.

Olive Tree:

Depending on your climate, you can grow varieties like 'Arbequina' or 'Kalamata' for home olive production.