10 Unexpected Things I Never Board a Cruise Ship Without

Power Strip or Extension Cord: – Cruise cabins often have limited electrical outlets. Bringing a power strip or extension cord can be helpful for charging multiple devices.

Reusable Water Bottle: – Staying hydrated is crucial, and having a reusable water bottle allows you to refill easily throughout the day, especially during excursions.

Lanyard or Passport Holder: – A lanyard or passport holder can keep your cruise card, ID, and key items easily accessible while exploring the ship.

Over-the-Door Organizer: – Limited storage space in cabins can be maximized with an over-the-door organizer for toiletries, accessories, or small items.

Motion Sickness Remedies: – Even if you don't typically experience motion sickness, it's wise to bring remedies such as wristbands or medication just in case.

Collapsible Travel Bag: – Useful for carrying extra items obtained during shore excursions or for use as a beach bag.

Travel-Sized Laundry Detergent: – A small amount of laundry detergent can be handy for washing clothes in the cabin sink during a more extended cruise.

Highlighter: – Useful for marking activities on the daily cruise schedule that you don't want to miss.

Ziplock Bags: – Handy for organizing and protecting items from water or sand during beach excursions.

1. Travel Sewing Kit:A compact sewing kit can be a lifesaver for minor clothing repairs.

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