10 Things You Should Never Tip On

Self-Service Counters: Tipping is generally not expected at self-service counters, such as fast-food restaurants or coffee shops where you pick up your order at the counter.

Public Restrooms: It's not customary to tip for using public restrooms or for the services of restroom attendants in such facilities.

Retail Stores: Cashiers and sales associates in retail stores are typically not tipped for regular transactions.

Government Services: Tipping is generally not appropriate for services provided by government employees, such as postal workers or DMV employees.

Professional Services with Set Fees: If a service provider charges a fixed fee for a professional service (e.g., doctors, lawyers, accountants), tipping is usually not expected.

Fast Food Delivery: Tipping for fast-food delivery is not as common as it is for full-service restaurant delivery, but it may depend on local customs.

Transportation Services with Set Fees: Tipping is not expected for transportation services with set fees, such as public buses, subways, or rideshare services like Uber where the fare is predetermined.

Medical Professionals: Tipping is not customary for doctors, nurses, or other medical professionals for their regular services.

Salons with Owner-Operators: If the service provider owns the salon and is the one performing the service, tipping may be unnecessary, as they receive the full payment for their work.

Hotel Staff for Regular Services: While it's common to tip hotel staff for services like housekeeping or bellhop services, tipping may not be expected for routine tasks like checking in or out.

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