10 Things Southerners Always Bring On A Road Trip

Sweet Tea:

Southerners are known for their love of sweet tea. It's a staple beverage that many bring along for a refreshing sip during the road trip.

Snack Mix:

A mix of nuts, pretzels, and perhaps some M&M's or other candies is a classic Southern road trip snack.

Boiled Peanuts:

Boiled peanuts are a Southern delicacy and a popular road trip snack. They provide a unique flavor and are a fun, regional treat to enjoy while on the go.

Country Music Playlist:

No Southern road trip is complete without a carefully curated playlist of country tunes.

Cooler of Iced Beverages:

Whether it's soda, water, or more sweet tea, a cooler filled with ice-cold beverages is a must-have to stay refreshed throughout the journey.

Sunscreen and Hats:

Southern states often have warm and sunny weather, so it's essential to pack sunscreen and hats to protect against the sun during rest stops or outdoor activities.

Portable Grill:

For those who love to barbecue, a portable grill is a Southern road trip essential. It allows for impromptu cookouts at scenic spots along the route.

Mosquito Repellent:

Southern summers can bring pesky mosquitoes. Bringing along mosquito repellent ensures a more comfortable outdoor experience at campsites or rest areas.

Roadside Attractions Map:

Southerners appreciate the charm of roadside attractions. Whether it's a quirky museum, a giant statue, or a unique landmark.

Comfortable Seating and Pillows:

Long hours on the road call for comfortable seating arrangements. Many Southerners bring along cushions or pillows for added support and comfort during the journey.

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