10 Secret Hiding Spots That Will Fool The Smartest Burglars

Fake Books: – Create or purchase a set of hollowed-out books to discreetly store small items or valuables.

False Bottom Drawer: – Install a false bottom in a drawer to create a hidden compartment beneath everyday items.

Fake Plants: – Use artificial plants with removable pots to hide small items. Place them strategically among real plants.

Under Furniture: – Attach a small lockbox underneath furniture, such as a bed or couch, where it's less likely to be noticed.

False Pipe: – Install a PVC pipe vertically in a closet. Place valuables inside the pipe, then cover it with a removable cap.

Inside Electrical Outlets: – Purchase specialized wall outlets with hidden compartments, allowing you to store small items behind the cover.

Ceiling Tile Compartment: – If you have removable ceiling tiles, create a hidden compartment above them to store items.

False Vent: – Install a false vent cover on a wall or floor, creating a hidden compartment behind it.

Behind Wall Art: – Mount a small safe or storage container behind a piece of wall art. Make sure it's easily removable for access.

Inside Everyday Items: – Use common household items with hidden compartments, such as a hollowed-out hairbrush, soda can, or cleaning product.

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