10 New Cars That Are Actually Built To Last

Toyota Camry: Renowned for its reliability, the Toyota Camry has consistently been a top pick for those seeking a durable and dependable sedan.

Honda Accord: Another staple in the category of long-lasting sedans, the Honda Accord is known for its strong build quality and lasting performance.

Subaru Outback: Subaru vehicles are often praised for their durability, and the Outback, in particular, is known for its ability to handle various driving conditions while maintaining reliability.

Mazda CX-5: Mazda has been gaining a reputation for reliability and build quality, and the CX-5 is often highlighted for its durability in the compact SUV category.

Toyota 4Runner: For those looking for a rugged and reliable SUV, the Toyota 4Runner is known for its off-road capabilities and long-term durability.

Ford F-150: In the truck category, the Ford F-150 stands out for its build quality and longevity, particularly in models with the EcoBoost engine.

Honda CR-V: As a compact SUV, the Honda CR-V combines reliability with practicality, making it a great long-lasting vehicle option.

Lexus RX: In the luxury SUV segment, the Lexus RX offers not only comfort and style but also the durability and reliability associated with the Lexus brand.

Hyundai Santa Fe: Hyundai has significantly improved its reliability over the years, and the Santa Fe is often recognized for its build quality and lasting performance.

Kia Telluride: The Kia Telluride has received accolades for its design, quality, and durability, making it a strong contender in the midsize SUV category.

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